"From the Scratch", the heart of florence on netflix

In recent years, major film productions have often chosen Florence as their set: Inferno, Six Underground, La casa di Carta, to name but a few of the most famous examples.

“From the Scratch” has only been available on Netflix for a few months, a very enjoyable TV series having a romantic and fresh look at the historic center of Florence.

The events of “From Scratch – The strength of a love” revolve around an American artist who falls in love with a cook in Italy.
From there begins a journey of passion, drama, perseverance and hope between different places and cultures, destined to change her life.
A sentimental drama based on the autobiographical bestseller by Tembi Locke, starring Zoe Saldana (Avatar, Avangers).

The marvels of the Tuscan capital appear in the Netflix TV series, which have always enchanted foreign visitors together with the heritage of history, gastronomy and architecture that has rare comparisons.