About us

We're international team loving Florence and devoted to create a unique dining and cultural experience

Our Mission

Ammalia is our dream come true: we are an international team from all walks of life, bringing their respective creativity to form a unique cultural experience.

“Ammalia” means to fascinate, seduce, enchant.

We have put a lot of passion, imagination and hard work into creating a place where the tales of the Arabian Nights, the beauty and harmony of the Renaissance and the contemporary and cosmopolitan taste meet.

Designed by an international team, the restaurant and lounge bar aims to leave customers mesmerized with a green and gold palette.Tables, seats, furnishings are the result of painstaking craftsmanship by local workers.

Ammalia Restaurant & Lounge was created to offer our guests not just a dinner but a real experience, built with passion and dedication in a trendy atmosphere.

Starting with the freshest seasonal ingredients, our menu offers creative reworkings and modern take of traditional dishes we all know and love.

Our Values

We believe there is nothing better than spending quality time with your closest friends.

Wanting to summarize our vision with keywords, we could use these:


Coming from the Italian verb “Ammaliare”, meaning to charm or bewitch.


tel.: +39 0559067027



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