Saturday, March 18, 2023: the spell begins

Saturday 18 March the spell of Ammalia Restaurant&Lounge began, a unique place of its kind that enriches the offer of places to spend an evening out of the ordinary.

Ammalia was born in one of the most vibrant districts of Florence, in the historic via de’ Ginori, a short distance from another renowned restaurant, Le Menager√®.

An elegant place that wants to be cosmopolitan, at the crossroads between the West and (near) East, open to young people of all ages.

Owned by Erica Campisano and Elias al Chbeir and styled by Philippines-born architect Sophia Sanchez with contractor Chelini Italian Project, the eatery aims to leave diners spellbound with a green and gold palette, respecting the Renaissance interior while being forward and modern.

“Ammalia” derives from the Italian verb Ammaliare which means to fascinate, to bewitch and in fact the cocktail menu contains a list of magic potions, skilfully prepared by expert barmen.
The kitchen aims to seduce the palate with contemporary dishes that creatively rework Italian recipes and wink at the most refined international cuisines.